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 11th Division Dark Armoury

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Zeria Iiyasei
Captain of Division 11
Captain of Division 11
Zeria Iiyasei

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Zanpakuto : KitsuneKage

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PostSubject: 11th Division Dark Armoury   11th Division Dark Armoury I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2009 3:28 am

Here you will find records of all the 11th Division member's zanpakutos. (Other than mine. Razz Mine haz its own thread. XD).

Standard form can be found in my zanpakuto post. I demand all 11th Division zanpakutos be done in that form.
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Dark Armoury   11th Division Dark Armoury I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 3:02 am

Name: BladeBreaker, Blade, BB (Or Aniki to Zeria)
Date of Request: June 27th, 2009
Zanpakuto Name: Shikai: Kara no Kaen Bankai: Soku No maki
Zanpakuto Element:Shikai:Fire Bankai:Darkness
Brief Description of Zanpakuto:


Name:Blade Breaker
Date of Birth:7/29/92
Appearance: 6ft tall, Really long Blood red Hair, Broad Shoulders, muscled but not ripped. He wears a pair of black jeans and army issued boots, as well as the outer (Black) layer of shinigami robes which he wears wide open. His chest and abdomen is covered in scars of various shapes and Sizes. He has a scar over his right eye. His orignal arms were lost in fights and turned to stone, they have been replaced with mechanical ones which have been covered with Synthetic Skin.



Sealed Appearance: Standard Katana size

additional details: None

Zanpaktou's Spirit
Spirit's Name:Kara no Kaen (Hollow Blaze)
Spirit's Appearance:He's about the same height and build as Blade but is completle made of Green Fire
(Simalar to this but Green)

Upon Attaining Bankai Kara no Kaen has gained more werewolf (Lycan) Form he can go into at his or Blade's will (Yes a Lycan of Green Fire essentially). The fire on his arms (up to elbows) and legs(up to knees) has become black in Bankai as well.
additional details:When Manifested the intensity of the blaze produced by his body is based on Blade's Emotions at the moment. Upon reaching Shikai’s Kara’s Blaze can be manifested on Blade’s body

Zanpaktou's Release Command:Toke ore Aibetsuriku, Kara no Kaen (Unleash my Pain, Hollow Blaze)
Zanpaktou's Released Appearance:Blade 6ft long, 2ft wide, the guard is 6inches in front and 3 inches on back part and 2.5 inches thick, Pommel is 2 inches long. The Blade it self seems to be consumed in a sickly green Fire.

additional details:Only Weighs 3lbs depsite size, The fire of the blade will only burn When Blade Wishes it to, (Basically I choose when the fire will burn the oppoent and when it will act like a normal blade)
Zanpaktou's Element:Fire

Abilities gained: 2 Passive & 3 Active

Passive Abilities:
-Increases normal and Shunpo Speed to a higher rate, also Increase Reflexes and speed of Muscle Movements
Unforuantly Reiastu Drains faster and harder to be accurate while moving.

Pure Flame
Upon entering Shikai he is consumed in the green flame of his blade and wounds obtained before entering Shikai are Healed up to be only Half as damaging as before releasing his Shikai.
Downside is that this ability is only used once and depending on amount of Reaitsu in the system it may only heal the wounds a tiny bit, it also consumes some reaitsu.

Active Ablitites
Munashi Kaji (Empty Flame)
Trigger Command: Hotere Junan (Burn with tomment)
-He points his plam at the oppoents and pale green flames are unleased from his hand and Go into a spiral directly at the opponet.
Downside: Direction of flame can not be changed so it's easy to dodge.

Yabureta Kaen (Shattered Blaze)
Trigger Command: Motaraso Kanashimi
-Green Fire erupts from his back and comes together to form wings on his back, his wings allow him to travel faster as well as fly for a limited amount of time. He can also disperase waves of fire from the wings as he to set things ablaze.
Downside: The flames burn his back. There is a 10 minute (5 post) limit in spars and fights (If used for recreation can be used endlessly). Uses Reaitsu to ignite and keep flame lit, aslo to unleash the waves of fire.

Kanashimi Yaiba (Sorrow Blade)
Trigger Command: Itame (Bring Pain)
-He's engulfed in Dark green Fire and he focuses his reaitsu into the blaze intesifying it. After He's charged it his swings his blade at the opponet in any direction (Diagnol, Verticle, horizontial, etc.) As he Swings his blade the fire is peeled off of him and traveles along the blade and along the path the blade took and hurtles at his opponet in an unrelenting Wave of Fire that can Decimate most Anything that isn't strong enough to over power it.
Downside: Decent Drain of Reaitsu, will recive burns all over his body causeing him slight pain.

Zanpaktou's True Name:Soku no Maki (Hound of hell)
Release Phrase:Break your chains and slaughter
Zanpaktou's Final Released Appearance:
Me in Bankai form
(Take out the blades)

My Weapon
additional details:Gloves of pure Darkness form on his hands so he can handle the chains. The chain can extend to 10ft long and it can retract into the hilts of the scythe blades to make a staff like thing. When he releases his Bankai he's covered by a bubble of darkness that conceal the changes made to his apperance.
Bankai Element:Darkness

Abbilities gained

Passive Abilities

Haste V2
A boost to the original haste abilty. His speed in everything is now much more higher but it's now even harder to be acurrate.

Dark power
Upon entering Bankai the darkness in the surrounding area is absorbed and is channeled into his reaistu and will heal a few minor wound and lessen the damage of serious wound but won't heal them fully. It also boosts his over all reaistu

Active Abilites

Hound's shreadder
-He charges at the enemy and jumps spining at a highly rapid speed holding the weapon by the chain as he dose so to slice at the opponet in a rapid rate.
Downside is that it can be read esaly and he can't see at the rapid speed he spins at

Ripping spite

-Anger and rage that had been long pent up and binded with in him is unleashed in a flurry of darkness blades.
On the down side it’s very straining and draining to him and he can only relase a few at a time. The blades move straight so they can be avoided

Dark Sun
His finisher Move
-He Channels all his reaitsu into his body into soku and jumps up into the air and spins throught Soku up into the air, the chain fully extended to it's 10ft length. As it flys into the air it wraps around itself into a ball, and the pent up darkness expands from it into a shpere of Darkness and chaos. As it reaches it peak expansion of a diameter of 300ft. He leaps into the air and above the ball of destruction and flips striking it with his heal and sending it crashing down toward the opponent.
Downsides of it is that it drains all his reaitsu meaning it's an all or nothing attack. The fall from the height he jumped to can cause him some damage.
Why You Want To Be An 11th Divisioner:
I enjoy fighting, and I find the 11th to be the best place for that. Plus I Don't die too good, and that's a skill I can use here.
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Captain of Division 4
Captain of Division 4

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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Dark Armoury   11th Division Dark Armoury I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 5:05 am

thats a cool Zanpaktou's
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Dark Armoury   11th Division Dark Armoury I_icon_minitime

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11th Division Dark Armoury
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